About Me

A Tech Professional and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in software development in both web and mobile platforms.

Founded more than a dozen online ventures such as Trabahu.com, OurDailypasta.com, and GaraheSale.com.

Guided startup like companies until they are multimillion dollar revenue earners like UPrinting.com.

An Agile Practitioner. Focused on Software Development Best Practices and Design Patterns.

Highly Proficient in Object Oriented Programming Languages such as C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, and Dart.

Develops High Performance Teams. Solid background in Project Management, DevOps, Security, QA, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

Headed the technology team of the Biggest Account in Accenture. Architected solutions that saved US$ 2 Million every year since 2014.

Currently Leads the Automation Team of Accenture for Finance & Accounting, Health, Utilities, and Software & Platform Tower managing more than 20 Fortune 500 Accounts. Delivering value initiative projects through automation of its processes in CITRIX and SAP using Robotic Process Automation (Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism) and the development of tools (Web and Mobile Applications) of its support groups (Workforce Management, QA, PMO and Learning Solutions).