Using your Camera to Search an image or item in Google

Have you ever passed by an item in a store or a mall and wanted to know the name of that item and other information like what it is for, how much is it, where else I can buy it from.

Or when you were on a trip to a museum or a tourist on vacation some place  foreign and saw an artifact or a piece of art or maybe a historical landmark and wanted to know the background of it,

Or even in a bookstore to check on a book or a grocery store to check out some new food items.

Well, there is an App that will make your life much easier in getting information just by using your phone camera. Point your phone camera at something and Google Goggles will find out all about it for you.

google goggles

While tapping the search box on the home screen and typing a word or phrase is straightforward, Google Goggles provides a different way to search: by using the camera. This has many benefits and one of its great features is its ability to recognise famous landmarks. Just point your device at the landmark and in seconds Goggles has analysed the scene and recognised it. It then shows one or more links to information on the web, Wikipedia entries and so on. Google Goggles can recognise books and DVDs. Just point the camera at the item and it scans it, then provides a series of links at the foot of the screen, such as the author, artist and so on. It can recognise barcodes on products and by using this to identify the item, you can follow the links to discover where you can buy it online and who has the best shopping deals. It recognises text and can add contacts by scanning business cards. Paintings and photos are recognised. It’s a handy way to search.

How to Use:

1: Choose the network


If you want to use Goggles when you are out and might not have a Wi-Fi connection, select the first option. Bear in mind that it uploads photos and uses a fair amount of data.

2: Point and scan


Point the camera at something and hold it steady for a second. If it recognises items in the frame, it automatically takes a snapshot, but you can also tap the camera button.

3: View the results


One or more items in the image may be recognised. Here it has detected three and displayed them as a series of links at the bottom of the screen.

4: Start a search


Tapping one of the recognised items at the bottom performs a web search. Here we tapped on the photo, which it recognised, and there are Wikipedia entries and more.

5: Share your results


You can share your results to your friends and families to give them information if ever they have the same interest or they have asked you to research on that item.

6: Scan barcodes


Any item with a barcode can be scanned and this enables the item to be instantly recognised.

7: Go shopping


It assumes you might be interested in buying this item and it therefore shows links to places where you can buy it online. There are options to show videos, images and more.

And so before your next trip in the mall, in the streets, or to another country, get your google goggles installed and ready to bring out the best information that search can provide by a click of the camera shutter.










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